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Originally Posted by farbmw View Post
So did we win?
Wouldn't call it a win per-say. Just confirmation that he isn't permanently banned, and will regain access in a month.

Call it a sour victory? Hope he decides to return!

Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post
Desi just wants to extend his thanks and support from all you guys!

Also, its 1 month ban. Doubt this will change to end any sooner, but its important to note that this had made a significant ripple in the Canadian Section of these forums.

Never seen so many people search for other forums after someone has been banned.

And to clarify to the mods, He offered to help another member on a service that is not provided by any vendor on this site in harm was done, other than to the image of this site for banning one of our friends.

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