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Originally Posted by Dave W. View Post
You forgot to include this part of his quote; "and havenít had one issue (with the FFtec pump) running 80+% Ethanol content (100% e85) in my car since I had it installed."

This is an important point because Vishnu/FFtec spent over 2 years testing and revising their pump before releasing it for public use.
Funny how people treat this as if it's NEW Technology. Yeah, it's new to the 335 platform, but look at all the other tuner cars on the market over the years and how many had to upgrade fueling systems. People also forget this isn't apples to apples. We run a DI system and people make accusations based on PI knowledge without understanding the differences in the two systems. Personally, I'm glad it works because I was so pissed after doing all the upgrades and flashes to get to the level I'm at with tuning my car only to hit a brick wall with the LPFP. This is for all the guys at FFTEC that helped make this a reality.