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Originally Posted by CustomE90 View Post
Anyone skilled in the area? I need some help - I need to code out bulb errors for my car after an LCI light upgrade. The LED turn signal lights flicker rapidly and I think this is a coding issue.

Is anyone aware of how to do this or know a shop that is familiar? With some research I could probably figure out what the coding is but I do not have any cables and I am not a tech person that knows code like some people in this forum.

Any help is truly appreciated.

First you need to decide whether to tackle setting up coding on your own laptop or find someone else to do the coding.

I would help, but I had to reformat my laptop, change the software, etc.. so I have to now reinstall all the coding programs/files, which is a pain in the ass.

You should post in the local forum for a local coder, or try out shops like Motorwerks in commerce. I'll probably post in the local forum once I get the coding back up and running on my laptop.

Good luck!