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Pictorial guide

So I did the Charcoal Filter Delete over the weekend, and figured I would share some pictures with y'all ...

The OP has already posted instructions on how to remove the air filter box. I will start from after you have it removed from the car.

Unscrew the 6 Torx screws around the box and open it up

Crack it open!

Leave the orange air filter alone. Need to only work on the gray charcoal filter.

IMPORTANT: Carefully remove the MAF sensor at this point. It is the white thingy in the round hole behind the charcoal filter.

Soak the charcoal filter with water (to avoid dust.) Cut it along the edges using a utility knife. Cut as close to the plastic rim as possible.

Wavy ridges from the filter remain along two sides.

The other sides will have straight edges. Remove all these remnants using a dremmel tool / razor blade / sand paper

This is what it looks like all cleaned up

Put the box together again and reinstall in the engine bay.

Car seems to breathe a lot easier after this mod