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MS-8 is a 8 channel sound processor from JBL it has logic 7 a better logic 7
than what the HK has to my understanding its self adjusting also . It only has head unit power on those channels though 18 watts rms at 4 ohms. I haven't actually heard one so Technic can steer you better than I can.
The thing about it is most people that get an MS-8 end up putting an amp with some actual power on at least the front doors and underseat speakers and adding a center speaker to make work the way it should. If you add an amp you should upgrade the speakers because the stock speaker are not meant to handle a lot of power and are kind of cheap and cheap sounding.

So it all depends on how much you want to spend and what you like or can live with or think is good. _

It takes around 1k to 2k to upgrade but it will be way better than any of the stock systems.
Technic is an expert and has suggested many configurations with a budget in mind.

If you look at this thread you can see many of the systems in the thread are his.

look in the Hi Fi entry for reference systems
the other ones also have good info.

Were in Cali are you located?

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