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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Are you planning to run them active or going to use it with their cross overs?
As that make a difference to what amp you choose?
I was planning on using the Xovers that came with them, as I assume they will be matched perfectly for the tweets, hi mids and mids.

Very interesting. I thought about fitting ipad mini in E90 few months ago, but the amount of work, modification and hassel put me off.
I've been going over designs and trying to figure the best way and I think it will be using the connect2 double din facia as a baseline to fabricate from.

So are you going to run ipad ---> bit one.
What method are you going to use? aux in, or BT?
or any other way?
I was going to go the Aux in, however having read your post below a 80PRS does sound like a better option and you have raised some good points as to why you should still have one.

So I am assuming that HU in the rear is just for updates.
Have you thought about radio? On ipad, you may not get the radio unless you go for 3G version and use internet radio.
I Bought the 32GB 3G version, as I wanted to be able to use the new maps with directions, get radio, and the missus can watch her TV shows on long journeys, etc

If you read its manual, it states again and again that you will be inviting noise in the system if its not installed with care (gains and all that stuff).
I've downloaded the manual, but not got round to reading it yet. I'm still in the planning stages, but will certainly be having a closer look in the near future.

Some other points:

-Another route / possible method

Replace your HU with 80PRS. You will have built in DSP and time allignment.
That saves you from buying Audison bit 10. Also 80PRS comes with the ability of auto time allighnment and auto equiliser. So all that time which you will spend on manual tweaking will be done by the HU for you.
Lastly, reduced chances of noise which can come from audison bit one.

And install mini ipad at the top of HU (see other threads). When needed stream the music over BT.

So even if you forget your mini ipad at home, you will have music from SD card, usb stick, radio & cd.
Absolutely love this idea and think i'll be taking this onboard.

-Your sub and amp seems spot on.
LOL!! I've seen quite a few people rave about this setup so I think it was always going to be a given.

- 3 inch mids are going to door cards and 6.5 inch mid bass drivers going under seats. Is that what is your plan?
See Kaigoss69's answer I gave below

Looking forward to see your installation.
Me too.... need the car first, then I'll be buying components and parts over time, whilst fabricating. The only thing I can really start on is the ipad panel and the Sub enclosure carcus.

Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
I would not recommend the hertz components unless you are planning in putting the mid basses in the doors. Even then the 3" mid can not go as low as other 4" drivers so there is a change of the stage being pulled down. It really would be a waste not to take full advantage of the speaker locations in the car, including the underseats.
I plan on fitting these into some custom built doors cards. I will be buying used door cards to do the fabrication on and keep the originals for sale time!

What say ye to the equivelant Focal 3 Ways 165VR33 I'm kinda torn between the two but prefer the design of the Hertz and the larger RMS output.

Thanks for your comments chaps they have been very helpful. I feel I need to take myself away and read up more on the Bit ten and keeping my original HU. Way up some things aswell.
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