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Originally Posted by dryan81 View Post
Surely you can't be fvckin serious suggesting that this horrific event where people, especially young children died is a hoax, right? These families that have the unfortunate occurrence of burying their young children are all in on this elaborate plot...

Your logic is absent and you should be embarrassed-
Things just do not add up. Watch the footage. Look how they have the road blocked the school, don't you think they would let the ambulances down to try and save the kids? The ar-15 that was used to kill was found in the trunk of his car? The school nurse who knew the shooters mother as the teacher there (no one can find a record of the nurse)? Lots of people died in 9/11, may people who were interviewed on the streets right after it happened heard bomb explosions, saw the second plane that wasn't a commercial air liner. What could possibly hurt Americans enough to make them ban gun? Killing little innocent children. You have call me an asshole all you want but Im reading the facts and until my 1st amendment right is taken away I will keep talking. And the way its look it will be soon seeing we lost the 2nd