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Originally Posted by bluewind View Post
thank you so much, guys!

just to clarify my understanding...

JL600 is a better amp than the stock. and MS-8 is an amp with DSP. Which one is a better option? Any difference in terms of difficulty of installation?

My goal is to get on par with HK in terms of sound quality not necessarily of surround support.

Technic - does your suggested setup sound better than HK?

Amp itself seems to be running $500-$700 so obviously this aftermarket option isn't as effective as the HK option cost of $950 :-( oh well!
The MS-8 does sound better than the OEM Logic7, even with OEM speakers IMO. That's the only aftermarket Logic7 in town.

If you are looking for a less expensive HiFi upgrade you can get a XD600/6 and the front BSW component set. That should be less than $700 including the HiFi harness. No surround, no Logic7.

If you liked the HK system with the Logic7 disabled then you can easily replicate that with the HiFi and a non-surround/Logic7 setup.