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Originally Posted by Cheesegeezer View Post
What say ye to the equivelant Focal 3 Ways 165VR33 I'm kinda torn between the two but prefer the design of the Hertz and the larger RMS output.
I used to run that same set in my Jetta and for the price I was not that impressed to tell you the truth. The Focal tweeters are very bright, and definitely need to be tamed with the use of a good processor. The mids are fairly good with vocals from what I remember, but the mid basses did not have very much impact. I had the door cards well deadened, so that wasn't the issue for sure. I just expected more from those drivers. I switched to $45 Peerless SLS-8's and the difference was night and day. I just like a lot of impact and the Focals lacked in that department.

I understand the desire to go with a big name "matched" 3-way set but you simply will not find one that is optimized for the BMW. The combination of a good 4" component set and a set of 8" slim mid basses, with 4 dedicated amp channels driving them, IMO will give you the best results, WITHOUT having to hack-up your door cards.
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