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Originally Posted by wahooooman View Post
I bought GP-thunder despite them having no spec on lumen output, only lasted 5 months. The average fog light bulb from good companies like Osram, Sylvania, Hella ect last only about 300 hours (still better than the no-name guys at 100hours) . This is due to the filament in the bulbs they tend not to last the longest due to the bumps of the road. The only way around this is getting Led bulbs(diode) or HIDs(gas) as they will outlast most other bulbs. Also if your going to buy New fogs take a look at the Lumen output and Life-hours of each bulb, i say this because most companies will try to sell you a $50 bulb at slightly different color temp, when the $20 one is just as bright and will last just as long. Hope this helps. goodluck
thanks...good point.

I ended up buying GP thunder off amazon for like $13 for a set of 7500k 35 W.

On my car, I had the same bulbs installed (bought from e92 lighting here)
One of these bulbs blew out last week - right bulb.

So, I took one new bulb from amazon and replaced the right bulb.

so, left is from e92, right from amazon.

the right bulb (new one) looks more yellowish than the left. U can see the difference if u look close enough...

why is this?