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Originally Posted by BlackBB6 View Post
You should be fine with a fender roll. I have my rears rolled with 265/30/19(Falkens) on a 9.5 +22 and I might hear a faint rub on the most extreme dips. I would imagine with an 11mm difference in offset and 10mm more rubber your results would be similar. It also depends on what tire you're running, Falkens run narrow.
Well if you're rubbing with 265s wouldn't that mean that my 10mm difference will rub even more even with a fender roll? Or are you saying there's only a one mm difference between ours because of offset size. I want it to work properly. Hopefully a fender roll is enough? Will it be safe if my car dips at 100+mph? haha. Hankook V12 Evo

Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
what brand/model tires are you also on? 9.5" rear with +33 offset is still conservative. a fender roll will take care of the rubbing unless the 275 tires you're on are "wider than normal" (like michelins), then you can either add a little more negative camber and/or just switch to 265s and call it a day.
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