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Dash Symbol & Problem With Wheels/Brakes

Tonight I was going down the road and hit a pothole and blew out my front driver side wheel and had to get my father to bring me my stock 328Xi wheels. It is late and freezing outside so I only had the time to change my FRONT two wheels and the back two are still my aftermarket wheels.

After everything has been changed, I got back onto the interstate and noticed my vehicle was driving strange. At high speeds when I stepped onto the pedal my vehicle would feel like it's dragging and a symbol popped up onto the dash. Here is the symbol :

If I remember correctly it occurs even when I do slow sharp turns.

Few things that ran through my mind that may have caused this problem :
- It could have been the impact when I hit the pothole, it damaged something in my braking system.

- Maybe the two different sets of wheels I'm temporarily running?