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Originally Posted by BuraQ
Ok I was saving this till I broke 11s but I couldnt hold back any longer. I am going to make it even more interesting by posting my logs so everyone can see boost, timing etc
  • BuraQ
  • 2011/ 335is/ Coupe
  • Transmission: DCT
  • Fuel: 93/100 ~ 50/50 mix
  • Tunner: RENNtech
  • Intake: aFe Stage 2 Elite SI
  • Intercooler: Dinan FMIC
  • Downpipes: cP-e Downpipes w/ Highflow Catts
  • Exhaust: Dinan Axle Back Exhaust, Stock midpipes and catts
  • Wheels: Stock BMW 313 Style Wheels w/ Nitto NT555 275/30/19
  • Misc: No Weight Reduction, 255lb drive

ET: 12.005
Trap: 115.84
60': 1.844
DA: 1062
Track Elevation: 21
Temps: 74
Baro: 30.11
Humidity: 79%

For everyone else, here is random log to get an idea what I am doing

and my ET's are "consistent" 12.0, no flukes

I am pretty much done with this level of the tune and waiting for the new level tune from RENNtech in couple of weeks, and will be with the 11 sec club soon
What's special about the logs? Other than you having some obvious timing corrections, it looks like you are running some pretty high boost in the upper Rpm's, and very conservative boost in the midrange.

On another note, is AFR1 = bank 1 land AFR 2 = bank 2? You have some crazy AFR readings on AFR2.