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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Well there is your answer which I already told you...If You dont have the car autolock when you drive off, the auto-unlock WILL NOT work when you eject key fob...
That was enabled, yet unlock on eject did not work at that time. I really don't know how to make that clearer.

I'd like to hear confirmation of this from someone without CA, is really what I'm getting at.

EDIT: I FINALLY understand what you were trying to say: after coding as above, the car will only auto-unlock on key-out IF the auto-locking function was responsible for the previous LOCK action, i.e. regardless of whether the auto-lock function is enabled, a manual locking action will override the auto-unlock function and such will not happen on key-out.

In other words, my previous experiment was bad in that, though auto-lock was ON, I was personally locking the car rather than driving off and waiting for it to lock. Such would override the auto-unlock, regardless of whether I drove after that.

I just went out to the car, turned on auto-lock, drove around the block far enough for it to lock, then came home - auto unlock works as it should.

Thanks for the info!

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