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Originally Posted by BmerMeUp View Post
Frustrations aside... that's a very cool feature. I had heard them called "cornering lights" but never knew what their behaviour might be. Sounds handy!

As it is - even when they are working - those lights DO NOTHING. They are DRL's (normally - I coded that to be my AE's) or flash-to-pass highbeams. That's it. So you could go your entire driving career never using them, if you don't high-beam-flash people. Sort of dumb. Cornering lights - those sound like fun.
Originally Posted by Dominus
idk about yours but mine are turning lights. they reflect at a 90 degree angle to show the curbs while turning and when my turn signals are on. however some mistake them as highbeams as im turning and its very fustrating!
Pre LCI sedans used them as DRLs and flash to pass. LCI sedans 2009+ use them as cornering lights. However, cornering lights have the beam sweeping to the sides, so they definitely do not work or look like high beams.
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