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Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
You said there were lab results, I assumed they are on this pump. I have searched Google, cant find them. Could you please post them?

If not, I will just wait for Terry to finish his tests. Just looking at the math and data (maybe what you are calling "lab results"), on this forum, others, and other existing platforms, I really don't think the FFTEC pump is a good properly engineered solution. These two pumps should not be run in series for this purpose, especially with such widely varying flow rates.
There is supporting data and as far as I'm concerned the supporting data is a clear indication FFTEC solution is a viable solution and will out perform a single pump. The lines shouldn't have air in them, so startup cavitation shouldn't be an issue. I agree, this solution would be better if both pumps were the same, but it meets our needs.

I think it's great that Terry is taking the time to put to rest the flow testing. I just hope he provides accurate results. I already question his testing because he doesn't have that I'm aware of the FFTEC pump to test with.