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Originally Posted by drfrink24 View Post
That was intentional, its a joke, as the number one compelling reason that people recommend something is because that's what they have, with a distant, (far distant) second reason, because of hard data.
Yes I have the pump and yes I recommend it only if you need it. Hell, 90% of the people on this forum don't need it. Like walnut blasting, it's the next hot thing to do to your car... If you are having LPFP issues and your car isn't under warranty and you don't need a booster pump to maintain volume levels required for 100% e85, do the Walbro e85 upgrade. This isn't F'n rocket science people and the two solutions shouldn't be compared, they are options. To be honest, the only reason I didn't go replacement LPFP was because someone else running 100% e85 did the LPFP replacement and even with a new pump they were getting LPFP codes. So I took a chance and paid the money and haven't looked back because I haven't had one LPFP code sense. Yes it's a lot of money if you are trying to compare the two options, but they are not apples to apples so everyone just needs to stop talking shit and just drop the BS banter.