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Originally Posted by WhiteonWheat View Post
Subscribed for the write up vid and pictures!

I have DASHCOMMAND - which is the "GT-R Like" read out on my iPhone and iPad, but I'll def think about snagging an iPad Mini if this mount works out.

Here's the deal for me - the mount will need to be sturdy enough to hold that bastard in while going bonkers nut balls fast around some curves, etc, or to me it would be pointless - b/c again I would utilize it for a larger display of my dashcommand. Also - like another member stated, everyone would like it to be easily detachable so no one is tempted to break out the window to snag the iPad.

Great work man! Looking forward to the write up.

Thanks Guys!
so far seems to be very sturdy, i've done some aggressive street driving and it hasn't even budged, its deff mounted well enough for daily use. As for track use i don't see why it couldn't handle it, With Velcrow even though it may be easily detachable ,the ipad extremely well attached. I even velcrowed the homemade brackets to the dash so the whole setup can be taken out at anytime leaving only 2 strips of the fuzzy velcrow strips on the dash which even they can be removed without much trouble