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330d is a nice version, probably the best real world compromise, of the 3 series.......but thats all it is, another 3 series BMW.

D3BT is sooooo much more, and its only when you own one that you really find this out. The ride/handling balance is fantastic and waay ahead of any other e90. It just feels "right"... and it definitely feels a bit "special"..

If you like all your mod-cons in your car then its probably not for you. If the driving experience is the most important part, then its definitely worth considering. If you will enjoy 100% positive attention from people, whether they know what an Alpina is or not, then its definitely for you!!

Real world mpg should be no less than 39/40 average. If you do lots of motorway miles then it will be usefully more.

Beware they only have a 2 year warranty from new. Also, they have a fair appetite for tyres - I managed c.15k on fronts and c.10k on rears - which given the sizing starts to get expensive....

All other things being equal, I would choose an Alpina over a "normal" BMW every day of the week!


Edited to add: If you are looking at manuals then beware of the dreaded clutch judder - effects D3BT's just the same as the standard cars. I had the "fix" done on mine and it was fine for 10k miles until I sold it, but whether it stayed like that I don't know...
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