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Originally Posted by Cheesegeezer View Post
So, thinking about it more, would using the 6.5" in kicks from 3way passive system give me the low mid fill I'm after? I would like them to be quite punchy, get the vocals from the hi mids(3" or 4", prob 4's as these can fit straight in doors). Any some nice highs(not harsh, like bacon sizzling in a pan)

Any comments or experiences regarding Amps is still welcome.
I second what Kaigoss said.

If you want to hear 3 inch mids in BMW, then you may have to travel to London. Here is his thread.

He fabricated the OEM speakers (by breaking it) and use it to make spacers for 3 inch mids. He also has bit one in his car. If you like, you can hear it before making your mind.

But as Kaigoss said that, with 3 inch mids, they are not going to go low and since your under seats are far low, your sound stage will get effected.

You can consider Jenherts 3 ways or Jenherts underseats.

You can also consider Gladen 3 way kit. (though 100W only).

Or you can go with 4 inch drivers and Jenherts under seats and use your amp to HP / LP.