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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Sorry, but I think you are hallucinating. Audi was a brand name since the late 60's. My girlfriend's father had an Audi 100 in the mid 70's and he absolutely hated it (it was a POS). It wasn't badged "Audi 100 Built by little-known Auto-Union of Germany". As I remember it all Audis sucked until the Quattro became popular in the late 80's (and as far a build quality it still sucked).

So now that Audi is part of the VW group is it a VW or an Audi? Just curious.
Ok I think I got my point across finally which is really the whole point. We both agree Audi's sucked until the late 80s/90s
I guess when I said "Audi didn't exist until the 90s," that was a big exaggeration you didn't appreciate and I apologize. But I was really saying that they were not big until then, the same way BMW wasn't big until the 60s/70s.

I don't even care, but are you aware that the four ring logo is a Auto Union logo and Audi had its own logo? As I was not even born then, I could be wrong.

When I was growing up and didn't know anything about cars, I liked Audi's because of their design and I just liked the logo. But I like Audi's less and less now.
I see Audi's as expensive Volkswagens. Majority of Audi's we see on the road are front-wheel drives (unless it says Quattro of course). Maybe luxury doesn't have to be RWD but as of now, it does.
My bestfriend owns a Volkswagen and when I went to check out Audi at their dealership a couple months ago, I was shocked. Everything looks and feels the same. The buttons, etc.
I'd get Audi over BMW or Mercedes only if I had a specific budget and I really didn't want to spend a few grand more


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