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Hi MV57,

Once again thank you for your reply.

I have not tried selecting random but I will try that later but I can change songs though the buttons on the wheel and I can work my way down the list i.e. it does not stop and keeps showing the next song and will go right through an album. Thinking about it, the screen does recognise/show that there are more songs to play but the wheel just does not turn any further than the what you can see. (No idea if this makes sense!)

I think I might try a different ipod but fear the problem is not with the ipod as it plays the songs perfectly.

Iíll check the music file names but they should all be MP3 or whatever apples makes them when imported from the CD as being old school I still by CDís.

I will check the ipod for its firmware but it is the latest version. I do select CD and the go thought CD 1-6 depending on if it is songs, albums, artists, podcasts etc.

The more I think about your questions and the problems, the more I feel the idrive software is at faultÖ Idrive works perfectly everywhere else.

Once again thank you for your input.