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I'm curious about the mechanism in the human mind that filters information in such a way that it can come to wildly illogical conclusions. Most of us that don't live near Sandy Hook, and therefore can't see first-hand what happened, and have to rely on media outlets to learn what happened: print, TV, internet. News reports are posted, for the most part, by professional journalists who take themselves seriously and have at least some integrity. Their core motivation is to make a living reporting what happened. There is a very small minority of people who use easy-access media to report fiction. They make up stories, either for entertainment or a political/social agenda which are remotely plausible, but pure nonsense. Why are some people fooled by these hucksters? I think that it's because, for some reason, we want to believe the fabrication. Maybe it's that the actual events are so horrific that our minds want to put it in a comprehensible context. Conspiracy theories are intriguing, but almost always untrue.