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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
It is illegal in most states to flash your high beams because it is a blinding hazard Also because it is a common way to warn of a speed trap.
No it is not illegal and you can flash your lights to warn of speedtraps, plenty of case law on that subject. Keep in mind flashing lights does not mean just flashing highbeam you could turn the lights on and off as well.

Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
So do I have permission to flash my high beams and honk my horn, to get these idiots to realize something is wrong?

I wish I had this so I can write messages to other drivers:

I wouldn't want to leave my car. I'd spend all day criticizing other drivers.
Yeah but does it do inverse texts so someone in front of you can read it in their review mirror.

A buddy of mine back in the 80's made one of those, but put the LED into his Honey cone grill, and design a controller so it would scroll text, and it did in fact do in inverse so drives could read it in their mirrors. It only said a few choose words since it was pretty crude and required a computer to reprogram it. It was a fun ideal but not practical at all and I think it cost him $200 to build it and lots of wires.