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Originally Posted by RCUK View Post
i had a 330d auto.. and that blew a gearbox ... the guy said it was a known weakness, though im not if he meant the one on the 'd' or generally.

No idea if its the same box.

Part of me now wishes i stopped pfaffing and went Audi.

(BTW.. Mazda is running on 18's as standard - but agreed the gap between arch and tyre is huge!)
no idea about the gearbox, i had a 330i auto about 5 years ago and it was fine, no problems whatsoever, only cost me its MOT and tyres in the year I had it.
my brother in-law still has one and he's done near on 40k miles without hassle. pot luck I think.

i think at this level of purchase, theres always going to be something that your not happy with, its just finding something with the least amount of negatives. for me the BMW fits that bill.

also agree with davy, it seems a little expensive, but its also relatively low miles and is the facelift version, so there a premium to pay for that I guess.
closer to 4.5k the better, and as the markets not great that should give you some bargining power.