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Originally Posted by DarkNemesis View Post
Do I torque it to the spec of the car or the spec of the plug.

Cobbs video says 17.
Bosche plugs state 20 +-3.

Idrift4wd.....would a misfire code be considered an injector failure?
Or injector failure has their own code?
Cobbs recommendation falls under the tolerances for the Bosche plugs, so either will work since they recommend 20 plus or minus 3 which puts you at 17 or 23. I did mine at 17 and have no problems (also used bosch plugs)

as for the misfire, it could be caused by a faulty injector but most times it is either plugs or coil. I would say replace the plugs and clear your codes, test drive and see if you get the issue again. If you do get a misfire then you can start the troubleshooting process of changing the coils around. If the misfire follows the coil then the coil is bad if the misfire stays in the same cylinder it may be the injector.