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I can understand you wanting to let get of the BMW as it gets up in mileage due to wanting to save money. You would really have to do a cost analysis on keeping w/ no payments vs. selling and having a car note.

If you sell and get a BRZ, you could have that money if your pocket and have a monthly car note. Depending on how far you're into your college career, you would have enough from the sale of your 325 to handle the payments of your BRZ until you graduate. Then you would have a car you can trade in with a better residual value in 2-3 years from now.

However, if you kept the BMW, you would have no car payments but more expensive car insurance vs. the BRZ. Since you are around 70K, you will have to replace the (3) items above. Which probably will total 2-3K if you get it completed at a shop versus completing it on your own. Also with BMW going FI, the e90/e92 are depreciating a bit faster than usual.

Personally, I would sell it and get the BRZ. The cost savings will be better as you will have better gas mileage, lower insurance, and lower maintenance cost. Also with the financing deals out there, you can finance it 100% and have a 1.99% APR or less (Navy Federal)

I love BMWs as well, but I do understand how much of a PITA maintenance are with these vehicles.

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Hey guys I know this a BMW forum so some of you will be biased but Im looking for an honest answer.

A little background on me- I am a college student currently working on my bachelors. I drive a JB 325i, mods include: matte black 19" mirro 111's, H&R sport springs, Spacers, AA stage 2 tune, tints, amber light delete, BMW PE. My car has 74,000 miles on it now (bought it with 20,000 miles on it) its completely paid off. I have just done regular maintenance on it (brakes, rotors, oil changes, etc...) Its a good clean car and still runs well. Now Im getting up their in mileage and Im obviously out of warranty, I know Ive got the water pump, t-stat, and eventually the starter common issues coming up.

So like any college student these days, Im a little tight on money. Not crazy tight but I dont have money laying around to throw on repairs that will be due shortly.

I really like the look of the frs and maintenance will be cheaper. The performance is similar to my 325i and of course the aftermarket parts will be a lot cheaper. so im not to worried about performance and mods. also I would really like to get in to a newer car.l Don't get me wrong I love BMW's and when I graduate I plan on buying one again. I know ultimately this will be my decision to make but I want some input from you guys. Some pros and cons perhaps?? Also if I decide to sell it privately what do you think I should list it at?

so please I just want some input so dont start bashing me
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