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Originally Posted by RCUK View Post
Ill add to this thread...

Brother in law bought a car from there last week..... 1 series 120d 60 plate was up for 13500, got it for 12800.

We did google autotrader etc and car was well priced BUT was a Sixt rental car.

So far nothing wrong (and yes..... i made him google the company first but he was HELL BENT on buying a car from them).

One thing that did surprise me tho - and for those who havent been there, was the scale of the operation - its massive.... at least 100 BMW's there....minimum.

Whilst there i made the salesguy call BMW in front of me on speaker phone to check servicing and confirm warranty was still valid (1 a minute to call BMW!!!). Reason he bought the car was still under warranty til Oct - so anything not working and it will go back to BMW for repair.

Whilst chatting... turns out the sales guy knew some of our friends!!
good on you for going with him, i'd have probably have just left him to his fate