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Originally Posted by drm916 View Post

Oh yeah, I remember you posted that before. I'll try that when I get home. I look right at that piece last night to, lol. Thanks!
Overall mine fit great. But it was a little too tight with that little piece on there. It was the bottom one on my ducting. The side one was able to stay on.

I removed the passenger side fender liner to better see what was holding me up. You might could try just moving the oil cooler ducting around by like 1/4 inch to get your clearance or by loosening the bolts on the oil cooler and moving it around since the ducting is attached to the cooler.

Last but not least you could test fit it by removing the passenger side fog light and brackets and see if it then fits. If it does then you know for sure its related to that and you can plan your course of action.

But overall once I removed that rubber seal the bumper fit 99.9%. Next time I have my bumper off (new grills, headlight restoration front camera wire rerouting and secondary oil cooler addition), I am going to try moving around the factory oil cooler by loosening the bolts. Then try and see if I can get that rubber seal back on. I have a feeling I probably can. It was that close on my car.