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Originally Posted by afsar
Originally Posted by Rudz View Post
I am willing to Afsar, what is involved my friend, seller is in the US, so there is VAT and customs involved, I have a friend who is coming back in 3 weeks, so that might help ? I could ask
Hello mate, can you pls ask your friend who is coming from US to bring one (or possible two, if he doesn't mind) set to the UK. I definitely want a set as center speaker (shared one) and one extra set (if possible) for my rear door.

I can happily wait for 3 weeks. If your friend can't doesn't accept to bring it for some reason then pls let me know and I will order it immediately and we will share the cost. It will come around 75-90 "each single" speaker including taxes and VAT
I'll find out and let u know, does this seller have two pairs on sale? Or are you planning on sourcing the second pair from elsewhere ?
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