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Originally Posted by gindajatt1 View Post
Hey guys I know this a BMW forum so some of you will be biased but Im looking for an honest answer.

A little background on me- I am a college student currently working on my bachelors. I drive a JB 325i, mods include: matte black 19" mirro 111's, H&R sport springs, Spacers, AA stage 2 tune, tints, amber light delete, BMW PE. My car has 74,000 miles on it now (bought it with 20,000 miles on it) its completely paid off. I have just done regular maintenance on it (brakes, rotors, oil changes, etc...) Its a good clean car and still runs well. Now Im getting up their in mileage and Im obviously out of warranty, I know Ive got the water pump, t-stat, and eventually the starter common issues coming up.

So like any college student these days, Im a little tight on money. Not crazy tight but I dont have money laying around to throw on repairs that will be due shortly.

I really like the look of the frs and maintenance will be cheaper. The performance is similar to my 325i and of course the aftermarket parts will be a lot cheaper. so im not to worried about performance and mods. also I would really like to get in to a newer car.l Don't get me wrong I love BMW's and when I graduate I plan on buying one again. I know ultimately this will be my decision to make but I want some input from you guys. Some pros and cons perhaps?? Also if I decide to sell it privately what do you think I should list it at?

so please I just want some input so dont start bashing me

I wouldn't do it. Once you price in depreciation it doesn't make sense. Get your degree and get a car that you want once you have financial stability.

Also, a guy @ HPDE next to me had one. I asked him what he likes and what he doesn't like. Good things: weight, affordable, mpg, value. Bad things: tank size, no power, trunk/space, interior materials. He also said handling is OK bot it doesn't ride like BMW.

He kept driving with 1/2 tank because with the full tank it's a sloth - his words. And then add one more person.

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