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The insurance will actually be a tad bit lower w/ the BRZ. This is primarily due to the replacement cost of parts if something happened to car.

You're right though, if you want to save money keep your car. I'd do the opposite, but I'm pretty good w/ money. It's a gamble either way being in college.

Why not get a civic or something low maintenance? That's a win/win. Money in your pocket and something that rarely breaks.

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If you're in school, I say keep the car until you graduate, and not get into a monthly payment. The 325i is plenty reliable, especially if yours has been good so far. I doubt the BRZ is even quicker.

if money is tight, I don't see how having a car payment will help your situation. when I was in college, I almost bought a used sports car.. I figured I could easily make the payments with my part-time job.. In the end I didn't, and I'm SO glad I kept my old car, because I had enough cash from a summer job that let me quit my part time job at school my senior year and I just had a lot of fun instead, and didn't have to worry about a car payment.

Also, whoever said insurance will be cheaper on the BRZ, I bet that's not true. I had a 13 year old integra coupe when I got my E90, and the insurance on the E90 was LESS than the old integra. New sports coupes driven by lots of 18-25 year old males tend to cost a lot more to insure.
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