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question about warrantied maintenance practice

Forgive my wall of text.

I got my first oil and filter change after a year of ownership on 12/22/11. It was after 11,069 miles and I wasn't prompted by the car but was following the 1 year/15k miles criteria. When I took my car in for service on 8/1/12 I was notified that it was time to change my oil and filter. Despite mentioning that this had just been done that prior December the adviser was insistent that it was time. Based on the fact it hadn't been a year or 15k additional miles I presumed it was some sort of interval change. Anyways today (1/17/13) I had made an appointment for what I assumed was my annual oil/filter change considering it had been a little over a year since the previous annual change. Once I got there I was notified that I had already had my change back on 8/1/12 and was told that they didn't do the reset on the initial change 12/22/11 because it wasn't for mileage but for (1) year. As a result of this it was concluded that my now covered annual change is now in August.

This leaves me wondering if this is common practice? Is the reset only warranted pending the cars notification and not justified simply after a year?