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Especially if you have headlamp washer jets that are prone to coming loose and flying off in the freezing weather due to screenwash concentration being weak

I have bought some windscreen fluid from Lidl which I think is a good buy- 5litres at 5.99 concentrate. I used this last year as per dilutions and have had no problems with it freezing and picked some more up on the way home tonight. i know some will say but its got antifreeze in it but at the correct dilution ratio I have had no issue with it affecting paintwork leaving marks etc

I have had no issues with the fan washer jets blocking up and would highly reccomend this.

I have tried various screenwash over the years but I keep coming back to this. As can you can see undiluted protects down to -63, I do not think we will get that much cold here so I diluted mine at 1:2 for freezing winters

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