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Originally Posted by benzo23 View Post
You mean the 15hp didnt thrust you back in your seat like the take off of an F18 like some n52 guys have described? lol, you and I are the same tho as long as I have a nice throttle response and a nice sound coming out of it im happy. Power isn't everything in a quality DD
That's exactly what I'm talking about! When I first pressed the throttle, I was thinking "OK, let's see how hard I'll be pressed into my seat." This is what I meant by "hopes too high."

Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
Good to see objective and honest reviews.

Can you comment on how soon you felt the throttle response? and how does the top end feel?
I felt the throttle response that first time I reved the car on the third start of my engine. I gave it some gas to check the throttle and the revs shot up way more than I had anticipated. I was aiming for around 3K, but I accidentally reved over 4K. It was either the heightened throttle response that caused this, or the reduced throttle delay. I drive a 6MT and haven't found it less or more difficult to control the throttle because I'm accustomed to doing so.

As for the top end, its always been the same -- if you punch the gas pedal while riding a high RPM, your car will be more responsive. The most noticeable difference is somewhere between 3.5K to 4K where there's a kick while you're accelerating and you feel the tune kick in, as if an extra valve opens and is propelling you slightly faster. It's small, but noticeable.

Originally Posted by jc5988 View Post
200miles is probably not enough, mine takes like 800miles to complete set in.

also bad thing about the adaptation is you really dont feel much performance gain cuz the tune is stepping up progressively. you really need to be patient with it.

steping point is 3200, 4400rpm, you can feel it switch on with medium throttle. I use it to judge wether the tune is set or not, really hate it when i had to reflash for dealer visit and wait another 800 miles.
800 miles is A LOT! AA claims 50-100 miles, max. I do agree with you about feeling the tune switch on at a certain RPM. That's one of the only things that convinces me that it's working.

Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
Hmm, im just flashed an Evolve tune and feels like it set in quick to the point that 250 km later it feels complete & smooth but aggressive on demand.
200 km is roughly 125 miles, which is how long it should take for the tune to adapt.