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Originally Posted by TDIwyse View Post
The Torque App on the Android is my favorite app of all time. It's used everytime I drive. Data logging engine parameters is also useful for comparison purposes.

I don't find the hp/tq or acceleration info to be nearly as accurate and repeatable as the G Tech devices.

Here's the gauge setup in the cab for viewing operating conditions of the important engine parameters (Boost, EGT's, Engine Torque, Coolant temp, EGR, Throttle).

The normal boost reading doesn't seem to be a direct measurement like I can get from the Bavarian Technic tool. In Torque, you might want to fiddle with the settings (displacement, boost adjustment, volumetric efficiency) to see if that helps. Right now my Torque boost #'s seem to be pretty accurate.
what's that guage next to your speedometer?
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