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You guys rock.

Let me know if you think this is flawed thinking: I was leaning towards doing LSD after the first round of work (and a track day) to assess how bad the traction limitation is. I do intend to run Michelin Pilot Super Sports instead of the crap mine came with (BridgeSLOW). I have had great results from PSS's on my G for both DD and track duty.

As for the other stuff:
1) I'll go look up with the charge pipe addresses as I'm assuming it's a vehicle-specific issue
2) Does the factory 'is FMIC heat soak quickly, or is this more of an advanced requirement?
3) Did you mention upgraded piping due to structural weakness?
4) What do you think about my brake plans- good enough, or do I need to throw in some ducting? Do I need a BBK? Finally, are the rear brakes not thermally-limited to the point of needing additional cooling or a BBK?

Will look into the oil cooler option from ER then. I will want the largest damn cooler I can find. I wonder if my 34-row setrab could be used... will look into that too. Better to have more than less, I say.

Finally, I will look into whether the ER setup uses a thermostatic solution or always-on. If anyone has comments about those two approaches on these cars, I'm all ears!

Again, thanks.