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A few quick things, its a given that an LSD is a basic requirement on this car for track day events & the stock FMIC heat soaks very quickly. The suspension is softly mounted so you also need to really look at M3 subframe bushings etc.

One additional I would block the gas pedal so the trans does not kick down @ WOT. Its pretty clumsy the way it goes about this.

Tires, brakes, LSD/M3 bushings, FMIC in the first go. If you hit heat related limp mode more cooling/better oil cooler etc.

As per above if you are not going to tune it skip the downpipes. I am running 375whp (DynoJet) without them & can easily push up into the low 400's with an E85 mix. The car is new & under full warrantee & will have issues with the dealer if they see the DP's & depending on the state the emissions inspection can be a problem.

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