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Originally Posted by BoostedE90 View Post
I've been doing it for just over three months now. Just started my 3rd cycle (one cycle is 4 weeks) and I have made solid gains each cycle. I bought the the ebook but you can Google "Wendler 5/3/1" and there are a few websites that pretty much tell you how to do it. Also there is an app called "Big Lifts" that you can use to track your progress. I like it cause I'm in and out of the gym and working hard the entire time (much like corssfit). If you want to put on strength I definitely suggest it. But don't expect to gain 40lbs on your bench in a cycle. Its' designed to make moderate gains and to kee you always improving.
I'll look into that. I've always been a fan of having consistent moderate gains rather than pushing the wait as hard as possible and then possibly injuring. Maybe i'll have a go at this.

Thanks for the tip.