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2018 440M-Sport MPPSK/THP
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Agree you will need to upgrade the oil cooler for summer runs at VIR. Also the tires are a big deal as you will light them up even on the street by just breathing hard.

I don't track this car, did not want to get into the mods required, do drag race at Rockingham/Fayetteville a bit, so I don't run the PSS's but have Conti DW's.

That being said, don't know what size wheels you are running, but you can go oversized on 19" to 245/35 in the front & 265/30 in back on stock wheels with no rubbing. This is what I have & one of the guys IIRC said he has 275/30 Nittos in back.

Pic is with the bigger tires
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