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So I found out a bit more about trailer regs whether you are building your own or buying somebody elses......

State and federal regulations regarding trailer lights, which is overseen by the Department of Transportation (DOT), address the placement, function, and visibility of trailer lights for passenger car and light truck towing.

Safety Chains

Safety chains must be crossed and attached to the tow-bar or trailer hitch assembly. They must cross as near as possible to the tow-bar or trailer hitch.
Tail Lamps

There must be at least two tail lamps on the rear of the trailer, mounted at a height of between 15 and 72 inches on the same level, widely spaced. These two lamps must consist of at least one red light visible up to 1,000 feet and a white license plate light visible up to 50 feet.
Stop Lamps

There must be two red lights of a red, amber, or shade in between mounted on the rear of the trailer, visible up to 300 feet in sunlight. These can be part of another lamp assembly.
Signal Lamps

Signal lamps of a red, amber, or shade in between must be mounted on the rear of the trailer, spaced as widely as possible, and visible in direct sunlight from a distance of 500 feet on a trailer 80 inches wide, or 300 feet on a trailer less than 80 inches wide.
Minimum Lighting

Any trailer not required to have lighting, such as those for agricultural uses, must have a minimum of one red light in the rear, visible up to 1,000 feet, and two red reflectors visible at all distances from 100 to 600 feet.

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It looks like I will need to add some marker lights up front and will probably use the donor car's side marker lights....other than that, I think I will retain a 3rd brake light just for added safety. The trailer will be lockable, and I had a thought regarding a secret parking brake for security purposes. I could retrofit a parking brake handle and cable inside the trailer.....that way, even if they steal the wheels, the trailer will still not move....unless they put it on a flatbed.....

Arranged for a trailer this morning and will be picking up the donor car in 2 weeks!