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Originally Posted by northernmonkey View Post
I have had BMW UK replace a car before. one tip be patient and polite even if you are p***ed off. I think my attitude is what in the end made BMW UK hand over another car. Simply put I bypassed the call centre/customer services and wrote a very long email detailing every issue with the faulty vehicle. said email was then sent to the BMW UK General Manager and also their UK/EMEA Customer service manager, these two corporate big wigs obviously passed my email down the chain (bit of delegation is a good thing) but point is they only passed it a level or so down and my case was handled by a senior BMW UK mgr. lets just say everything moved VERY swiftly after that especially as I kept the UK/EMEA big boss cc'd on every communication paid off in the end though. be polite, firm and professional and it gets results!
monkey, thats sounds great

feel sorry with whoever ended up with your shed tho

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