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Credit Report Issue...need some advice

Hi folks,

I've not really had issues getting credit but there has been the rare occasion where the computer said "NO". However by hook or crook I was able to overturn decision.

BUT, recently I've had an issue with a store card that I haven't used since 1997 when I was a poor student. Basically I paid minimum every month and continued to pay this amount would you believe till 2009. It was my missus who picked up on this and worked out that I had paid 4000 for a balance of 300. Interest was phenomenal as you can see... Phoned up the CC company and cleared balance and told them to close account. Thought this was the end of it until I Oct last year when they all of a sudden started taking money out my account again and as I had cancelled dd, they eventually listed a debt collecting agency. Explained the circumstances and they agreed that it was odd why this would happen. After many calls I got confirmation that DC would not be chasing the money and account was shut...end of

TILL, I went in to Audi to look at the X5 replacement and do the refused due to a default of 77!!!! The store card had placed this against my account :/

What can I really appreciated.

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