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Originally Posted by Spydeputy View Post
So I borrowed a friends USB that he used to sucessfully up dated his 2009 E92.
I have a 2012 335is w/ idrive. I already got my code from Serg.
So I put the USB in the grove box slot, and wait and wait and wait.
So I go to the idrive menu, settings, then software update and again nothing happens.
The lite on the usb flashes, so I know the port is working.
I have sent music to the hard thur that port too.

Any suggestions,.... Please
I have the exact problem with my 2009 e90. I have the files on the root of the drive. The light on the USB drive lights up, but the NAV never tells me there is an update available. I went to the dealer and they said there is no update for my iDrive. They want $300.00 plus to do the update themselves. It sucks that we are the only few who can't use the USB method to update.....