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Originally Posted by JHR View Post
No boost idling. Zero.
Originally Posted by dominick View Post
so if im parked and im showing .2 or .3 on the cobb means I have a vacum leak correct?
Originally Posted by tarponman85 View Post
Interested to see what answers everyone has for the previous post. My AP always registers .1 at idle.
Originally Posted by JHR View Post
Hmmm...mine says 0.0 psi. I'm nearly at sea level. Here's a WAG: Could your 0.3 be the result of an atmospheric correction for you? I think absolute pressure is 14.7 psi at sea level, so a few hundred feet - or thousand feet could cause the correction to be easily off by a few tenths. Unless you had a 0.0 psi earlier and did a modification to the vacuum system, I wouldn't necesarily jump to a vacuum leak being the cause of the 0.3 psi reading while idling.
I just installed my AP today and while in park boost was reading -9