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Word to the wise on E85

I know allot of members on here have been running E85 with no problems and god knows I love the power of it, but I just had 4 injectors go bad.

Now these injectors only had about 16k miles on them before they went bad. I had them replaced under recall at 14k miles and the went bad at around 30k. Car has been tuned with JB3 and Procede since 10k miles and Cobb at 22k with E85 coming into play at 24k when they released ATR. Running a 40/60 mix. I mostly fill up with Shell 93 or any big name gas station if not available.

The dilemma I was is in with the Cobb was that I would only misfire under tune even the mildest tune. So when I went back to stock it would erase the codes and the car wouldn't misfire under the stock tune. I'm still under warranty.

So I called around to different dealerships around the area and found one that was willing to work on the car with the Cobb still installed. With the multiple misfire codes the first thing they replaced was the plugs (which I thought was the culprit) didn't solve the problem. So the tech did his thing and found that injectors 3, 4 5, and 6 were faulty. He replaced them and now I'm misfire free.

I know I'm gonna be getting the I've been running E85 for yadda yadda trouble free. My SA said that there are different batches of injectors out there, so my word to the wise is this...just be aware that prolonged use could potentially wear out the injectors quicker and this is definitely a costlier fix than plugs or coil packs if you're out of warranty.