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Originally Posted by SubzeroVR4 View Post
I assumed buying a BMW would net me sharp cut off as far as the projectors go. However, I am disappointed with the project and output. I see plenty of pre LCI and they seam to have nice bright white lights.

I'm coming from a Acura TL with factory HIDs which I upgraded to ZKW-R clear lens (which is a replica of E46 lens) and Phillips 85122+ bulbs. Those were bright and the cut off line was razor blade sharp along with the distance these things produced.

I wish there was something like this for the BMW but as the same time I don't think I want to take apart my nice lights and start having adaptive headlight failures.
I have the same headlights and I agree with you! Our headlights doesn't seem to have a very sharp cutoff line and when you drive on uneven pavement the headlights be jumping or vibrating a LOT! Kinda wished they kept the auto leveling than the this adaptive which I hardly ever use.

I bought a spare headlight off Ebay and I was able to open it up but by slowly prying along the channels to break the sealant and by the time I got it opened the channels where the sealant goes onto is pretty much toast! I wouldn't recommend messing with these lights although it is doable because it's been done before. Just not for me!