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Choppy Tires

So I get this weird sensation on my foot (accelerator and brake alike) as if some metal is grinding against metal -- sort of a friction -- almost like bent rotors, but much less intense. It is not wheel bearing cause it does not give the noise or does not get worse at high speeds. I feel it mostly at low speeds like 5-20 mi/hr.

I temporarily had put some cheap Kumho Ecsta AST all seasons on. I have taken this issue to 3 different BMW dealers and all of them say that because it's not the recommended tires, they have gone choppy and uneven, esp. the front ones hence creating that sensation (grinding-like).

Anyone experienced this? I am just trying to figure out whether it's really this "choppy" thing or its the typical BMW dealership trying to get you to buy the costly stuff first, and then go from there?