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Courtesy of VargasTurboTech:

Originally Posted by VargasTurboTech View Post
Ok so got the parallel rig put together and installed. Its honestly pretty straight forward. You have to leave out the stock pump holder, and rotate the stock pump slightly so the venturi nozzle is not in its holder just slightly off to the side. This will allow the Walbro to share the bucket with it, while the venturi still pulls from its original location. Once you do that the Walbro with its sock will fit into the bucket with the stock pump and they actually stay in place very well. Once you get the bucket lid back in place you will see if will not fit now, but all you have to is cut out a small section and it clears both pumps great. If you secure the bucket top with a couple wire ties you are good to go. I just powered both pumps in tandem off the stock plug, if this is an issue and it pops fuses we will have to address it then. Once you get to the lines its just 5/16" fuel line coming off both pump out lets fed around the collapsible leg and coming into a 5/16" Tee. Secure it all with clamps and this will be going to the orange line. I put some extra hose on the orange line to give it a little freedom to move in the tank so not to pinch anything. It all fits back in pretty nice and seems like it should work well. Took a few pics. But not too many. Now we at least hopefully wont have to worry about low fuel pressure once we get stage 3 installed. Cheers

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