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Alright here is a bit of what i used to make the mount
Im still not done but I don't wanna keep you waiting

All you need is
(2) packs of velcro industrial grade which can be bought at Lowes or Home depot for about $3 each
(1) Metal ruler bought from staples, make sure its doesnt have the cork back
which is about $3 also

If I had to make a step by step it would be

1. Brake/Cut ruler in half, I bent it back and forth till I got it to snap because I didn't have anything that could cut it here

2. Bend the 2 half rulers at the same appropriate angle to make 90 degree angle or close to 90 really up to you how you
like it mounted

3. Put fuzzy part of velcro on dash space them apart or do horizontally across your choice

4. cover rulers in prickly part inside especially since thats what sticks to the dash, I did outside just for ascetics

5. Put fuzzy strip on Ipad or what ever tablet you have make sure when you space the rulers that the space inbetween
works with the length of fuzzy on the ipad

Thats basics, another thing I did was pull the handbrake cover off and take the tray inside the middle console out , plug the aux in the run it to the left and down the side driver leg on the center console, taking the handbrake cover off makes you able to do it easy you can just tuck it in then find your way up to the upper dash trim to hide it clean.

what I would recommend is going to joanns fabric and getting just a small bit of faux leather fabric and wrapping the top of the Ruler that is exposed, I used the extra unused velcro to make it black for now so it doesn't stick out as bad. I Am also going to run a black flat 3.5mm aux cord right out of the trim where the jack is. The look of the mount when no ipad is in doesn't bug me but i think once I cover it in leather It should look good.

This is my first attempt, my next move is looking into putting in a dash from and idrive car and trying to make it work that way, if the ipad is able to fit, and running power and aux into there. then using iCloud WIFI to sync my music from my itunes.

Next option would be to get a non idrive dash and cut into it and make some sort of integration that way. A friend of mine does custom interior work and offered to do it for me along with pulling my door pockets out to adding 2 or 3 maybe 4 speakers to each door in a custom enclosure which Ive been wanting to do for a long time.

I have allot of ideas just maybe not enough skills to get them done perfectly clean! lol

well any way here are some pics and If you have any questions Ill anwser them on here as soon as I see them. Let me know what you think ---------------------------- -----------

Again this was the first attempt, I'm still trying to perfect the angle, also wanna see about removing the excess velcro that
is unneeded on the dash just to make it cleaner. It functions perfectly and the Ipad is mounted safely and securely now I am trying to make it pleasing to the eye lol

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